Dieffenbacher Emission Control Systems

Dieffenbacher’s emission control solutions include emission measurements and dryer and press emission control systems. Emission measurements help plant operators understand which emissions are present and determine the type and amount of emissions. For example, using state-of-the-art methods, uncomplicated in-house emission measurements can be taken on stacks downstream of the dryer or the press exhaust system. This includes measuring parameters such as total organic carbon (TOC) and many different substances such as water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, methane, ethane, propane, formaldehyde, methanol and other gases. Dust in the exhaust gas can also be measured using additional equipment. Subsequent correlation analyses of production parameters and emissions provide a better understanding of plant emissions.

The Dryer Emission Control System cleans dryer exhaust gases using an inline scrubber in compliance with local environmental standards. The main components are the unique inline scrubber and water treatment and distribution systems. The inline scrubber efficiently separates dust particles from the gas stream. Optional auxiliary equipment captures water-soluble VOCs, notably formaldehyde. The Dryer Emission Control System is applicable for horizontal and vertical operation and costs less than an electrostatic filter. It also impresses with its low freshwater demand, reliable design for high uptime and small space requirements.

The Press Emission Control System cleans exhaust gases from the press through a washing process. Dust and condensable fractions of exhaust gases are bound to fine water droplets. These solid and liquid parts are separated in the inline scrubber. Pre-Absorber units can be supplied to reduce VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds), particularly formaldehyde. As a fluid-optimized system, the Press Emission Control System is highly energy-efficient. Like the Dryer Emission Control System, it is characterized by low freshwater demand and small space requirements.

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