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Panel World Issue: September 2010

Panel World’s September issue spotlights Roseburg Forest Products, which continues to do bigger and better things at its huge EWP complex in Riddle, Ore. The OSB plight is also featured, as OSB producers shuffle after the housing bubble deflates, ushering in the worst recession in OSB industry history. On a happier note, the issue also highlights Duratex, the large South American wood-based products manufacturer that now has more than a year of operation mode. A Quality Control section features advertising companies and their products. The issue also discusses the formaldehyde debate, which reared its head four decades ago, causing the matter of board and resins emissions to snowball ever since and culminating in a national law.

September 2010 OSB Light

Six years ago, when Panel World took a snapshot view of the OSB industry, it appeared the sky was the limit as housing starts soared above 2 million and OSB continued to gain market share. Producers were operating at 97% of capacity and Random Lengths noted record setting production totals for the third consecutive year.

September 2010 QC

Altec Thickness Quality Monitoring System (TQM) is a high performance on-line non-contact measurement system that provides real-time thickness and sheet width measurements in industrial manufacturing processes. The system uses high precision lasers to provide real time thickness trending as well as thickness and width distribution histograms. Configurable automatic reporting provides a permanent record of the plant’s performance.

September 2010 At the Core

We report elsewhere in this issue that Congress passed and the President signed into law the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act. The law limits the allowable emissions of formaldehyde from particleboard, MDF and hardwood plywood sold in the U.S., including imported products, largely based on the already established California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission limits established in 2008.

September 2010 Projects

Three months have passed since the installation and startup of the first Steinemann Technology Satosplus sanding system at Egger Holzwerkstoffe in Brilon, Germany, and results are positive.

September 2010 Supply Lines

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC is proactively seeking development partners to accelerate the advancement of significant technologies, support growth opportunities and address customer needs.

September 2010 Duratex

Duratex, the large South American wood-based products manufacturer, started operating a record size 9 ft. x 77 m Siempelkamp ContiRoll continuous press and new line at its Agudos MDF plant in mid 2009.

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