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Panel World Issue: May 2016

Panel World magazine’s May 2016 issue features exclusive coverage and highlights from the recent Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE), held April 7-8 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, GA. A special article reports on growth in the housing market and its continued recovery. Panel World has a Q&A session with industry trade group leaders Kip Howlett and Jackson Morrill. Dr. Richard Baldwin supplies an article on the continuing reinvention of the North American plywood and veneer industry. Special sections highlight exhibitors at the upcoming Xylexpo 2016 and WMF 2016. Other articles cover the latest industry news and new projects.

May 2016 Update

Proteak Starts Up MDF Operation; EWP Pioneer Rhude Dies; Galloway Succeeds Grimm At Hood; Killgore Leads RFP Solid Wood

May 2016 Housing Recovery

Recent reports from APA—The Engineered Wood Assn. show that while the housing market continues to gain momentum, economic headwinds are keeping structural panel markets from truly taking off. In its March 2016 Market Outlook, APA notes recent Census Bureau data showing that household growth and replacement demand from disaster, demolition and other factors have raised housing demand levels to 1.5 million units annually, but tight lending standards and a large-scale shortage of skilled construction workers mean the U.S. market likely won’t reach 1.5 million actual housing starts until the 2018-20 time frame. According to APA’s market outlook, while the Federal Reserve seems more likely to keep rates low, which is good for single-family housing, multifamily starts are expected to continue to account for at least 35% of annual starts as the affordability challenges facing young adults have not materially changed.

May 2016 Q&A: Kip Howlett and Jackson Morrill

Panel World magazine has a Q&A session with Kip Howlett, President of the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association, and Jackson Morrill, Executive Director of the Composite Panel Association. The focus of the questions is how the industry has recovered and grown following the 2007-2009 economic downturn.

May 2016 2016 PELICE: A Record Year

Panel World magazine Managing Editor Dan Shell reports on the recent Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo held in Atlanta, GA. The 2016 Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE) set a record attendance of 450, including representatives from 32 wood products producer companies in North America. Overseas interests were represented as well, such as the large contingency from multiple wood products producer Koskisen Oy of Finland. The event, held for the fifth time and which is held every other year, featured nearly 50 speakers, as well as 80 equipment and technology exhibitors squeezed into the Grand Ballroom North of the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta. PELICE is hosted by Panel World magazine and Georgia Research Institute.

May 2016 Plywood Industry Reinvention

Panel World magazine contributor Dr. Richard Baldwin discusses the ever-changing plywood and veneer industry. Baldwin writes, “North American softwood plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) capacity has trended downward as the economy struggled during the Great Recession of 2008-2009 and afterward. Eighty-six active softwood plywood mills in North America in 2006 steadily declined until only 60 mills remained operational in 2015. LVL production facility count fared similarly with 23 operating mills in 2006 declining to 17 in 2015. The economic recovery subsequent to the Great Recession has been anything but robust and even less so for those plywood manufacturers that directly compete with oriented strandboard (OSB). Overall production of both softwood plywood and LVL is again modestly growing, but with greater output from fewer mills. However, neither product has yet regained the volume produced by the North American industry during the years of near-record residential construction prior to the mortgage crisis of the Great Recession.”

May 2016 Xylexpo 2016

The following companies are advertising in this issue of Panel World and submitted materials as exhibitors in Xylexpo 2016: Biele, IMAL-PAL, Instalmec, LIMAB, Siempelkamp.

May 2016 WMF 2016

The following companies are advertising in this issue of Panel World and submitted materials as exhibitors in WMF 2016: Berndorf Band, China Foma, IMAL-PAL, Sandvik, Siempelkamp, Valmet, Wemhoner.

May 2016 Projects

Roseburg FP Brings Data Optimization To Life; Swanson Completes Raute Dryer Install; Altec Moves To New Site

May 2016 Supply Lines

WMF Beijing Fair Set June 1-4; Dieffenbacher Expands Management Board With Addition Of C. Dieffenbacher, Kitzelmann, Reorganizes Wood Business; Siempelkamp Alters Course In Certain International Markets, Adjusts Business Plan, Downsizes Personnel At Krefeld

May 2016 Clippings

Industry Suffers Loss With Harrigan Death; Stearns Loved Wood Products Equipment; Murphy Adds Rettig, Promotes Murphy Jr.

May 2016 What's New

6 Deck Veneer Drying System; CCI Process Is Leading Edge

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