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Panel World Issue: March 2012

Panel World’s March issue spotlights North Carolina’s Moncure Plywood, which has stepped up as a versatile and safe producer of carefully manufactured products. An article highlights how many North American producers are waiting for upturn to upgrade significantly while rapid lathe technology development continues. PELICE 2012 is featured, as panel industries are looking to the upcoming conference, set for March 1-2, for answers.

March 2012 Taking Stock

And I do mean “live.” That is, the upcoming Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PEL-ICE) will be video-broadcasting live at certain times during each day of the March 1-2 event— “coming at you” from the Grand Ballroom North of the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

March 2012 Update

Arauco has started production at the panel complex (MDF, particleboard, laminate) it recently acquired from Uniboard (Pfleiderer) in Moncure, NC. The Moncure plant employs 250.

March 2012 Long-Standing Plywood Operation Is Better Than Ever

Moncure Plywood is alive and well. Since Atlas Holdings purchased it in 2004 and put it under the domain of Wood Resources LLC, the longstanding plywood mill has persevered nicely, taking advantage of the things that “smaller” mills should be taking advantage of—quick reaction to niche markets, product diversity, safety-driven manufacturing, and “Johnny-on-the spot” equipment upkeep supported by periodic capital investments in equipment and technology improvements.

March 2012 PELICE 2012

Dr. Roger Tutterow, nationally respected analyst of developments and trends in economics, business and politics, will kick-off the keynoters session of the Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE) to be held March 1-2 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

March 2012 At The Lathe

Global connections and tight inventories during North America’s toughest plywood market conditions in decades mean events can reverberate quickly through the producer community. Two prime examples are Georgia-Pacific’s closure of its large Hawthorne, Fla. and Crossett, Ark. plywood mills late last year, and wildfires in Chile that destroyed Arauco’s plywood plant in Nueva Aldea (the world’s largest production facility) in January.

March 2012 Profile

Raute is recognized globally for its expertise in peeling technology. Peeling may be the most important part of the green veneer manufacturing process, but efficient log handling, block preparation and byproduct handling is essential to complement the peeling process.

March 2012 Fundamentals

Do you know what’s going on inside your blending equipment at this very moment? Is it operating at peak performance? If not, do you know how to make it better? Of course, if it were easy to optimize your blending process, you would have done so already. Whether you apply adhesives using a blender, blow-line or roll-coater, optimization remains a mystery to most, and without dedicated effort and resources, plant technical folks must continue to do the best they can to optimize their resin application process.

March 2012 Russia

OOO Vyatskiy Fanernyi Kombinat (VFK) operates several wood products plants here including a plywood mill that started up in early 2009.

March 2012 WMF 2012

Sufoma Machinery Co., Ltd., which is one of the subsidiaries of China Foma Group, is a manufacturer of short cycle lamination lines and impregnating lines. The short cycle lamination line has been one of Sufoma’s leading products since the 1980s with more than 200 production lines put into market in China and abroad. In recent years, higher performance, bigger capacity and wider sizes such as 6x8 ft., 6x9 ft., 7x9 ft. short cycle laminations lines have been launched.

March 2012 Going Digital

Since April 2011 Heberndorfer Leistenfabrik GmbH of Wurzbach, Germany has been producing digitally printed profile bars. They are using a single pass mode (roll to roll) with the Hymmen JUPITER Digital Printing Line. Hymmen offered an innovative technology together with a reliable and partnership-based cooperation to Heberndorfer LeistenfabrikGmbH.

March 2012 Projects

Raute Corp. received orders worth more than EUR 16 million from CMPC Maderas S.A. in Chile for plywood mill equipment. The orders include a veneer peeling line and two plywood gluing and pressing lines.

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