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Panel World Issue: July 2016

Panel World magazine’s July 2016 issue features Easton, Maine’s Huber Engineered Woods and their continued investment in the smallest and oldest mill in the company’s portfolio. An article discusses a wood adhesives session held at the Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE) in April. A special section previews IWF Atlanta 2016 and highlights some of the exhibiting companies. Other articles cover the latest industry news, new projects and project updates, and new products and technology.

July 2016 Update

Sellers Was Tenacious In Research; Third Portland TP&EE Gears Up; Columbia Buys Nova Wood; George Sleet Was Face Of APA

July 2016 Huber Engineered Woods

Panel World magazine Associate Editor Jessica Johnson has the opportunity to visit Huber Engineered Woods in Easton, Maine. The Huber Engineered Woods (HEW) portfolio has bigger plants, certainly, but HEW continues to support the facility here by investing in it, the oldest and smallest plant, Plant Manager Rob DelSignore says. “The new plant in Broken Bow, Okla. can make twice what Easton can in a day, but Easton is still supported just as well as Broken Bow is. We have a good market in New England, the company realizes that and they continue to invest in us,” he adds. Support from the J. M. Huber Corp., the parent of HEW, has led to lots of transformation in the 300MMSF plant in Easton, including two major projects in the last few years. Most notably, Huber Easton has an upgraded drying system as well as a new strander. In 2008, the plant received a multi-million dollar investment for a new fuel system, wood fired furnace, new dryers and screening equipment.

July 2016 2016 PELICE: Wood Adhesives

Covering adhesives issues in a session moderated by Linda Caudill, managing director of the Wood-Based Composites Center, researchers, vendors and others detailed “Technological Advances in Wood Adhesives” during the Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE) in Atlanta, Ga., on April 7-8. Panel World continues its coverage of PELICE technical presentations here. During the adhesives session, Chip Frazier of the Wood-Based Composites Center gave an interesting presentation on the presence of natural, biogenic formaldehyde in wood and the implications that may have for interaction with resin blends and overall formaldehyde emissions. Research into the issue has been guided by the Wood-Based Composites Center’s Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, with funding from industry members and the National Science Foundation of more than $500,000.

July 2016 IWF Atlanta 2016

The following companies are advertising in this issue of Panel World and also exhibiting at IWF in Atlanta August 24-27: Baumer Inspection, The Biele Group, CERATIZIT, Dieffenbacher, Electronic Wood Systems, IMAL-PAL Group, Siempelkamp, SonicAire, Sweed Machinery, and USNR.

July 2016 Roser AG's Special Veneer

Working with wood samples submitted by Swiss company Roser AG, and deploying radiocarbon dating techniques, scientists at the University of Bern have estimated back to the late 5th to 7th century BC an oak trunk that was embedded (for more than 2600 years!) in a gravel pit in southwest Poland. Roser AG has now produced from it more than 43,000 sq. ft. of defect-free, immaculate rift sliced veneers. Roser officials note that most bog and gravel oaks present a color gradient, starting with a dark color at the outside and merging into a brownish color to the inside of the trunk. This one is special. “To find an oak with a homogeneous greyish color down to the very core of the trunk and, in addition, with a diameter of 59 inches and a length of more than 22 feet, well, this is rather a highly exceptional case,” comments Tobias Scherg, head of the Veneer Dept. at Roser AG in Basel.

July 2016 Projects

Australia’s Borg Plans Expansion; Startup Record For ContiRoll; SmartLam Buys Costa CLT Sander

July 2016 Supply Lines

USNR Opens Florida Plant; Altec Purchases Demco Mfg.; SASCO Hires Technical Rep; Pallmann Expands With Appointments; Dieffenbacher Has New PR Man; Cowin Now Reps For Fuchs; Hyundai Forklift Adds Dealers

July 2016 Clippings

APA Announces Safety Winners; Arauco Completes Purchase Of Tafisa; Composite Mills Noted For Safety; Former APA Leader Dies; Enviva Fund Awards Grants

July 2016 What's New

Raute Curtain Coater; Sweed Machinery Veneer Stacker; Instalmec Inline Gluing

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