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Panel World Issue: January 2016

Panel World magazine’s January 2016 issue features Roseburg’s Missoula, Montana particleboard mill and recent improvements that have improved production efficiency and raw material usage. Also featured is our annual 2016 Directory & Buyer’s Guide highlighting the latest products, services and supplies. A special article discusses the latest in fire protection technology. Other articles cover the latest industry news and new projects.

January 2016 Update

PELICE Completes Keynoters Lineup, Exhibit Floor Nearly Sold Out; Arauco Increases Board Presence; GEPAZ, Campbell Lock Horns; Weyco, Plum Creek Will Own 13 Million Acres; Roseburg Names New President; Clean Power Plan Considers Biomass; Corrigan Counts On MEGTEC; EPA Formaldehyde Rule On Delay; Oak Hill Veneer Plans Expansion

January 2016 Roseburg's Montana P'Board Mill

Panel World magazine Editor-In-Chief Rich Donnell visits Roseburg’s particleboard mill in Missoula, Montana. One of the longest-operating same-site particleboard operations in the U.S. is running stronger than ever thanks to upgrade projects during the past two years. Roseburg has re-done its process from screening and refining to pressing, and also made improvements to its melamine lamination line. “Essentially we’ve got pretty close to a new particleboard mill,” comments Plant Manager Mark Allen, who has been here since 2011. The plant, which is one of four Roseburg particleboard mills, is producing at 170MMSF annually. “The recession was over. It was time to reinvest,” Allen adds. By no means was this your typical mill renovation. Roseburg is the third owner of the particleboard operation here. Evans Products began construction of it in 1968 and produced its first board in 1970. It sold the operation to Louisiana-Pacific in 1976.

January 2016 2016 Directory & Buyer's Guide

Panel World magazine’s annual Directory & Buyers Guide is one of the industry’s most comprehensive lists of products, services, supplies, machinery manufacturers and suppliers, and industry trade associations for all of your mill’s needs.

January 2016 What's New

This article, entitled “Dependable Fire Protection For Industrial Dryers”, was written by Thorsten Westphal, Head of Competence Center Wood, Minimax GmbH & Co. Westphal writes, “Dryers are used to dry continuously flammable materials in order to achieve a defined residual moisture content for further processing stages. Material inlet and outlet points as well as connected extraction-, control- or cooling air ducts connect dryers to other process areas. In such a networked environment a fire started in a dryer can quickly spread. The result can be cost-intensive operational disruptions. A fire may have several causes. The materials and build-ups in a dryer can quickly be ignited by overheating, friction or machine break. Sparks or glowing embers from upstream production areas can end up in the dryer via the material inlet point and may act as the source of a fire.”

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