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Panel World Issue: July 2019

COVER STORY – GP Shows Good Form At Clarendon –

The oriented strandboard plant here was the first of several re-started and even new OSB operations in North America to come on following the recession. How it got there involved a winding road over market bumps and through changing ownerships, culminating with a perseverance to get it running right and at the right time. Today it is one of six Georgia-Pacific Wood Products OSB mills in North America and because it was the newest GP mill it was able to fully immerse itself into the guiding principles of legendary Koch Industries.

TAKING STOCK: When Grant Led The Way

My memories go back to September 1989 when I visited Grant Forest Products’ new OSB line in Englehart, Ontario. The Grant connection to the GP story prompted me to look into my old files. Peter Grant was known for his innovations and I recall the new OSB line using a combination of liquid and powdered resins, longer (6 in.) strands in the board, fines put back in the board. “We do things much much differently than anybody else does. I can assure you that,” Grant told me. Read more


  • ARAUCO held a ribbon-cutting ceremony April 16 at its new particleboard and lamination facility in Grayling, Mich.
  • Georgia-Pacific is closing three particleboard plants in the Southeast U.S. One of those plants, in Thomson, Ga., was destroyed by fire in late May.
  • For the first time in 10 years, U.S. softwood lumbermen aren’t as optimistic as they were the previous year. In this year’s Timber Processing Sawmill Operations and Capital Expenditure Survey, 69% forecast their lumber business situation for 2019 and moving in 2020 as excellent or good.

    Operating a custom veneer knife grinding and honing operation from an office in west Eugene, Taihei Machinery Works is bringing its state-of-the-art lathe knife sharpening technology – the Artesa I grinding machine and Artesa II precision honing machine – to North America veneer producers.


    North America wood products producers made their presence felt during Ligna May 26-31 in Hannover, Germany. Drawing 1,500 exhibitors and more than 90,000 attendees from 100 nations, Ligna lived up to its expectations. Many equipment exhibitors in both the structural and non-structural primary production sectors felt they were offering technologies for the future.


    Editorial profiles were submitted by companies who are producers of resins and related technologies.

  • AstaChem
  • Chemicol Italia
  • Fusoni
  • Hexion
  • Roo Glue

  • USNR Goes Big In Eugene
  • PELICE 2020 Begins Sponsorship Plan
  • LDX Oversees Lundberg, Dustex
  • TP&EE Begins Renewal

  • Roseburg Goes West and East
  • Louisiana-Pacific Corp. has acquired Prefinished Staining Product Inc. (PSPI)
  • Weston Wood Buys Fiberstick
  • Logging BMPs Strong In Texas
  • U.S. Pellets: Enter Graanul Invest
  • Pablo Franzini Succeeds Kelly Shotbolt
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