Allied Systems Co., parent company for Wagner Logstackers, is excited about its recent shipments of two new 60 ton operating capacity Wagner Logstackers into Canada. Wagner has long been known for its durable single pass Logstacker, and the new generation models build on that legacy by adding a number of new improvements coveted by operators and maintenance staff alike, such as:

Wagner Logstackers

—Seriously fast hoist speeds

—Lighted ground level service bay for easy routine maintenance

—Lighted stairways for safe and easy access on and off the machine

—Newly designed cooling package with easy maintenance access

—More spacious and comfortable cab with improved visibility

—Longer component service life and maintenance intervals

The four-wheel drive Wagner L4120 maintains traction in the toughest conditions while the two-wheel drive L120 is perfect for improved yards, and boasts even better fuel efficiency and a tighter turning radius. Whether you’re handling cut-to-length or treelength logs, Wagner Logstackers can handle it all quickly, efficiently and for the lowest total cost.

Wagner Logstackers are designed and built in Sherwood Ore., USA.