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Did EPA Assessment?

Did EPA Assessment?

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has concluded that EPA’s recent Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) assessment regarding the health risks of formaldehyde exposure is significantly flawed and does not scientifically support its conclusions.

In a news release by Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc., the company states NAS has told the EPA it would have to make “significant changes in scientific evaluation and interpretation” in order to bring the study into compliance with NAS standards.

“The NAS report is an important and positive development because as currently drafted, the EPA’s IRIS assessment could lead authorities to set formaldehyde exposure standards at unnecessarily low levels not supported by scientific studies,” the news release states. “It is heartening that the NAS report supports Momentive’s and industry’s call for sound science and science-based risk determinations.”

NAS cited the EPA study as “problematic,” “subjective,” and said it contained “inconsistencies in the epidemiological data.”

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