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BC Mills Under Dust Inspection

BC Mills Under Dust Inspection

WorkSafeBC officers have begun another round of inspections as part of the ongoing combustible dust initiative to focus sawmills and other wood processors on keeping work sites safe.

During the inspections WorkSafeBC officers examine dust accumulation; ventilation and dust collection systems; inspections and preventative maintenance of machinery and equipment with potential points of ignition; as well as ensure that operating locations have a plan to achieve effective and sustainable compliance going forward.

The combustible dust inspections began in late April 2012 following a directive order to all BC. sawmills to conduct a risk assessment for combustible wood dust and implement a combustible dust control program. All operational sawmills inspected in the first phase complied with the directive order. In July 2012, inspections were expanded to include other wood manufacturing operations that could produce combustible dust. In fall 2012, WorkSafeBC officers re-inspected all sawmills to further evaluate industry’s ongoing efforts to manage combustible dust.

The wood dust program began soon after explosions at two BC sawmills killed four in early 2012.

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